Recent Sewing Projects

Here’s some examples of the aprons I’ve been working on. Sewing has become a wonderful creative hobby to discover. If your thinking about trying something new. Go for it!

The aprons I’m making are lined with pockets, and have an adjustable neck strap using D-rings. I can make half aprons and BBQ aprons, as well. Right now I’m charging $35.00 per apron, but I may have to increase pricing because material, buttons, and embroidery thread is quiet expensive. I’m researching ways to keep cost down without compromising quality. If anyone has an idea how I can do that please post a comment. Also, if you have an idea about a new sewing project let me know that too. The only thing I don’t really have a desire to make is regular clothing.



2 thoughts on “Recent Sewing Projects

  1. As you know I have one of the aprons. I love it. You can’t buy one in town that is as nice and durable as what you make. Not sure how to help keep cost down unless you could find materials at yard sales or estate sales. The aprons are beyond beautiful and definitely worth the price. Just trust God and all things are possible.

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