Biblical Submission in Marriage

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Hey Everyone,

I thought this week I would share a YouTube video. I watched this video a few days ago, and it really spoke to my heart. It is about Biblical submission. I know it’s not a popular subject, but it is God’s plan for the family. I think these ladies (Amanda from The Fundamental Home and Tangi from Tangi The Caver’s Wife) do an excellent job reminding us how important it is to submit to our husbands, and to love them where they are. I believe that no matter where you are in your marriage, or your Christian walk you will benefit from this video. I also think this video would be great for those who are planning to be married.

Hope you enjoy it. Please comment and let me know what you think.

Courtesy of The Fundamental Home

The Fundamental Home



2 thoughts on “Biblical Submission in Marriage

  1. I watched this and it really hit home. My husband is not saved so it is a struggle for me with submission. This was a great lesson for me and I am praying for God to help me with this issue.

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