Fight Darkness with Light

Guide to a Joyful Heart

Tip of the Day;

Let me begin by saying this is a somber blog post, but true. Sometimes we need to look through the dark to see the bright light of hope and joy.

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness (humility) and fear (reverence) 1 Peter 3:15, KJV

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we are called to set Christ apart as Lord in our hearts and lives. We must be ready to tell others of His love, and the hope that is found in Him. Just this week, I heard of two suicides. They were unrelated and in different states. One was an older man, the other a young man in high school. As different as these individuals were it pressed upon my heart that they had one thing in common, the feeling of hopelessness.

There is evil in this world. Evil that wants to take our joy, our hope, our peace, our love. Satan is darkness. Death and destruction is his goal. He uses many tools including drugs, alcohol, sinful pleasures, but of all the tools he uses some of the most effective ones he uses are feelings of guilt and loneliness. Whispering in our ears that we are not worthy of love and forgiveness. The truth is we are not. We have all sinned. We are all guilty. Therefore, I’m so glad that I can say the name Jesus Christ. Jesus is light. He brings hope that can shatter the darkness. No matter the sin of our past, He forgives all. He will make us a new person out of the ashes. If we will humble ourselves and cry out to Him. When Jesus is in our hearts, He will be our friend when no one else will. He will fight the darkness, and the demons.

Our hope, the world’s hope, can only be in Jesus. Although, we can not save anyone (Jesus does that job), we can point the way. I recently heard someone say, if I knew what is coming in the future, and didn’t tell others, but instead kept it to myself, that would be wrong. So my question is: are you telling others? Are you letting them see hope, joy, and love in you, and then telling them from whom the joy flows? We as Christians should have a deep joy that is not dependent on situations, but on our hope and relationship with Jesus Christ.



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