Do You Know The Good Shepherd? Does The Good Shepherd Know You?

Guide to a Joyful Heart

Tip of the Day:

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.”  John 10:14, KJV

Be of good courage, Dear One.  Jesus is The Good Shepherd.  A good shepherd cares for his sheep.  A good shepherd protects and provides for his sheep.  A good shepherd teaches and leads his sheep.  The sheep knows the voice of their shepherd, and another they will not follow.  A good shepherd knows his sheep.  If a sheep is lost or in danger, a good shepherd searches for his lost sheep, and brings it back to the fold.

My pastor preached on this scripture this week.  The main point is: Do you trust in Jesus?  Have you given your heart to Him?  Are you willing to put Him first in your life?  These are simple, but hard questions that only you can answer.  Just as my pastor said, it’s not enough just to know the existence of Jesus Christ.  Satan and his demons know who Jesus is, but they don’t trust in His salvation and serve Him.  In fact, they despise and hate Jesus.  Sadly, they try to persuade others to work against Jesus, as well.  To deceive the world is their goal.  Moreover, as Christians we should find peace, joy, and comfort in knowing that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knows us.  He knows our names.  He knows our needs even before we ask Him to meet them.  The tip is to develop and grow in your relationship with Christ daily.




2 thoughts on “Do You Know The Good Shepherd? Does The Good Shepherd Know You?

  1. A beautiful reminder that Jesus loves each and every one of us. I enjoyed hearing about the message your pastor preached Sunday. It’s so wonderful to know the love of Jesus.

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