Love and Respect for Others is a Sign of Wisdom

Guide to a Joyful Home:

Tip of the day;

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.  Proverb 21:26

Show love and respect to all who enter into your home today.  Every member of your family needs to feel like they are valued.  Make a point to let them know that the things they do (chores) are their contribution to helping the family run smoothly, and that it is valued.  Mom and Dad can’t do everything, so everyone needs to do their part.  That’s what a family does.

In addition, it’s important to let them know their work is good and appreciated.  Just as you want to be thanked and appreciated for the work you do, so do they.  Remember, they may not do it as well as you can, especially if they’re just learning, but encourage them by giving them positive feedback; such as, saying, “Oh, I love how shiny you got the pots, and if you just wipe this counter, the kitchen will be perfect”.  When speaking to anyone first stop and think, how would I feel if someone said that to me, or used that voice tone on me.  Put joy in your heart, and graciousness in your voice.


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