Give Yourself Time- Part#1 (Parents)

Guide to a Joyful Home

Tip of the Day:

Give yourself time to answer questions or solve problems.  I once had a supervisor whom I greatly respected.  When I went to her with a problem instead of giving me a mediocre or knee-jerk  answer, she asked if I could give her some time to think about it and come up with the best solution.  I think sometimes, as parents, we have the tendency to solve problems for our kids.  We want to solve them fast, and move on.  However, sometimes it might be best to say, “Let’s both think about this.  You see if you can think about it, and we will meet after dinner and talk”.  Moreover, this step is crucial don’t forget you must also be thinking about the problem, and you must sit down, full attention, at the set time.  That shows your child that his problem no matter how big or small is important to you, he’s important to you.  Also, it’s important that when the conversation continues that you let the other person speak first and don’t interrupt.  Listen.  He may have solved it all by himself or just need a little guidance.  However, if you can tell he hasn’t been thinking about the problem at all, don’t get frustrated, or let him off the hook.  Just tell him that’s what you think, and put the responsibility back on him.  Reschedule another time to talk later that day, but don’t wait too long.  It will take some time for this strategy to work, but if you consistently do this, even with small problems, it will pay off in the long run when problems get bigger.


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