Blanching and Freezing Tomatoes

Some recipes call for tomatoes to be blanched, which removes the skins .  Blanching tomatoes and removing the seeds are great for smooth soups and pasta dishes.  This is an easy process, and well worth it, especially if someone in your house doesn’t care for the texture of tomato seeds.

8 Easy Steps to Blanching Tomatoes

  1. Wash tomatoes. tomatoes
  2. Heat a pot of water on mid-high heat to a simmer, almost to a boil.
  3. Prepare an ice bath.  In a large bowl place about 10-15 cubes of ice and fill bowl about 3/4 full with water. Place ice bath close to stove for easy transfer.
  4. Once hot water and ice water are ready, place a few tomatoes into the hot water.
  5. Leave tomatoes for only 10-15 seconds, making sure all sides have had some time in the hot water.
  6. Then, immediately transfer the tomatoes, one at a time, into the ice bath.  Next, remove tomatoes from ice bath and place in a new bowl.
  7. Continue with the next set of tomatoes until all tomatoes have been done.
  8. Once all the tomatoes have been through the ice bath, you can start pealing the skins off.  The skins should come off easily.

tomatoes ready for freezer


Once the skin has been removed, you may want to deseed the tomato.  Cut down the side of the tomato, making a slit in the tomato flesh. Then, run your knife around the inside of the flesh, separating the core and seeds from the flesh.  If any seeds remain on the flesh run it under cool tap water to rinse them off.

peal and cut tomatoes

Finally, the tomatoes are ready to be bagged up and placed into freezer, canned, or used.

bagged tomatoes


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